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Introduction to the Epoxy Guru home page


Welcome to a web site designed to lead you to answers, solutions, and product recommendations for all things epoxy. This includes marine epoxy and boat building /repair, epoxy floor paint projects (usually garage related), epoxy leak repair, and the application and use of 'apply underwater' epoxies. Also, brushed on or poured on table and bar top epoxies, and swimming pool repairs.

With the links below you can ask your epoxy question to the Professor (Professor E.Poxy) and read Q and A stuff about marine epoxy and floor epoxy on the "Old Goat" sites.

We are pleased to provide a place where you can get free professional help with two part epoxies. Too many epoxy related web sites are all about selling you product. They usually only provide you with the 'good points' and never mention issues like epoxy yellowing, out-gassing, pot life issues etc. The folks assigned to deal with the public are usually sales people and not coating (epoxy) professionals. The industrial / commercial coatings industry is VERY different and much more professional from the DIY / Home Owner coatings marketplace.

Paul Oman

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Hi Paul and friends,

You helped us in 2012 (SW Florida) with a very damp, smelly, no-vapor barrier, old concrete garage floor, wicking moisture from below and growing thick mold on the bottom wood shelves of garage cabinets. We used the Bio-V Seal, then after a month of no moisture evidence applied the Low-V, and it's been just like magic, so clean, no smell these 4 years since. We've made our garage into a beautiful Florida room and use it also as a guest room. Thank you so much! BOB - 5/16

You cannot really repair concrete cracks/leaks/spalling with anything but epoxy or epoxy and sand (i.e. epoxy cement). The products sold at box stores etc. don't work very well. The PROs know - start with epoxy. If you have a cement repair project  (basement, stairs, driveway, foundation, etc.) call first. 603 - 435 7199



A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's  Underwater Epoxy - WET DRY 700 Underwater Epoxy  and Corro Coat FC2100A (BUY NOW) read how our epoxies and customer service saved the day over a decade ago (2003).  Read more (click here). Those products and service still available to you - call 603 435 7199 anytime and ask for Paul Oman.

 Underwater epoxy for Emergency hull repair - sinking yacht Case Study - now  in book form at Amazon



Wooden Boat Forum post 3/9/16

"The stuff mentioned is Wet Dry 700... Among other things, I rebuilt a coffee mug handle, filling a gap in the handle where the ceramic was shattered. The repair has survived hundreds of trips through the dishwasher, a hot, wet, strongly alkaline temperature cycle test that will destroy most of the epoxies we use. If I ever need a really hard, chemical and heat resistant paste epoxy, this is high on my list." BUY NOW



Epoxy Tabletops --- Swimming Pool Repair without draining the water --- Resealing outdoor pebble epoxy deck


Thick Epoxies/paste/gels/putties





CONFUSED?  CALL 603 435 7199  talk/order


Wet Dry 700



Kevlar (tm) feldspar ceramic reinforced epoxy. About wall mud or cake icing thick. One of our most popular products. Can be applied underwater with or without fiberglass cloth. Has saved leaking boats/pools. Often carried by boats going offshore. Color is off-white but quickly ambers to a golden color.

Available in quart and gallon units.

Epoxy Cream




Creamy yellow epoxy used for non structural fairing and filling of holes and voids. Unlike other thick epoxies it slides off a putty knife like a hot knife through butter without pulling or tugging the epoxy behind it. Stays somewhat soft for several days.

Available in 1.5 quart and 1.5 gallon units.

Crack Coat



Dark Gray smooth and slick epoxy. About as thick as toothpaste. Uniquely flexible and will bend and move. Use on surfaces that need some "give" due to expansion and contraction, vibration, etc. Good for 'bedding' objects down. Can be applied on damp surfaces.

Available in three quart units.

Splash Zone A-788



The 'Granddaddy' of thick epoxies and underwater epoxies. About chewing gum thick - so thick it needs temps over about 60 degrees to even come out of the can.

Available in two quart and two gallon units.


Six Different Clear Epoxies -- Comparisons


(As a professional coatings company we offer a range of clear epoxies with unique properties and applications. This is a very different approach than marketing companies that only offer one product with one application per web site and are far removed from the manufacture and testing of their resold resin)


ESP 155 - solvent based, thin, sealing epoxy often used on wood, concrete and fiberglass. The Part B ranges from clear to dark red. Not for sale in California. Yellows quickly. Commonly used as a sealer and primer under marine spar varnished (i.e. India Spar Varnish - not for sale in California) surfaces, such as bar tops, outdoor furniture and  bright-work on boats/yachts. Epoxy and Spar Varnish is a win-win combination. The varnish provides UV protection and a high gloss easily maintained surface and the epoxy provides a stable base for the varnish. For a thicker epoxy base, use Low V epoxy or Basic No Blush epoxy (listed below) under the varnish. Packaged in 2 quart kits (1 to1 mix ratio).

LOW V - A solvent free, low viscosity epoxy often used as sealer or a easily rollable/brushable base on wood bars, cement floors etc. Also used to 're-bond' delaminated damp boat decks with their fiberglass 'skin'. Popular for wood rot repair too as it is thin (to soak in) odorless, and will bond to wet or damp surfaces. It is slightly amber and will yellow quicker than most epoxies. It was originally designed for concrete crack injection. Can be used under a varnish topcoat, giving a thicker epoxy base than the solvent based ESP 155. Can be allowed to flow over the edges on table and bar tops (but it is thin). Comes in 48 oz and 1.5 gal units. (2 to 2 mix ratio).


BIO CLEAR 810 - A solvent free clear epoxy, non brittle epoxy used exclusively for poured on table and bar tops. Very low levels of epoxy yellowing and contains bubble breakers. It requires being poured on at 1/4 inch layers which requires a edge or dam all the way around the surface to prevent it from simply draining onto the floor. If applied too thin it will fisheye due to the surface tension reducing bubble breaker additives. It is a favorite of professional poured on epoxy experts.  It has a very slight amber tint. Comes in 48 oz 1.5 gallon and 3 gallon kits (2 to 1 mix ratio).


BASIC NO BLUSH -  one of our most popular epoxies and one of the most clear epoxies available. It has normal or slightly slow epoxy yellowing. It is commonly used for boat building or boat repair  as well as resealing or creating pebble deck surfaces (common around pools and patios in Florida and other warm states. Also used to fill knot holes and cracks in wooden slabs used for bars and tables (sometimes tinted black when filling cracks and knot holes). Forms a hard, fairly brittle surface that handles outdoor weather very well (excluding normal UV yellowing and UV breakdown). Also used on bar and table top surfaces under varnish. Being semi thick it will not lay completely level in temperatures under about 75 degrees. It does contain bubble breakers (which is why the Part A appears slightly cloudy in its container. For table and bar tops use the standard temperature curing agent. For other applications use the low temperature (down to about freezing) winter curing agent. For hot weather (upper 80s and 90s) use the slower summer curing agent. The special summer and winter curing agents are only available for this one epoxy. Comes in 3 quart and 1.5 gallon kits (2 to 1 mix ratio).


EPOXY CLEAR TOP RESIN - Our thickest epoxy (just slightly thicker than the Basic No Blush). Not quite as brittle as the basic no blush. Low, slow yellowing although the product does have a very light greenish tint when applied over snowy white surfaces. Used for pour on bar tops and table tops and can be allowed to drip over the sides. Part A is sort of amber colored and very thick (needs about 75 degrees to work with) while the Part B is clear and watery. The differences in the viscosities of the Part A and Part B make it more difficult to mix but also makes it much more easy to tell when the two parts are well and evenly mixed. Comes in 1 gallon kits (3 to 1 mix ratio).


 Links:  Homepage ---- Bar top table top Homepage  --- data and MSDS  --- Buy epoxies  Section D - Clear Epoxies --  Buy varnish (cannot ship to Cal) Section E - Non Epoxies --- Contact Page



Your project not listed above? Have a topic  you would like to see covered? Call anytime - even nights, weekends, holidays - to talk with the EPOXY GURU about your project and options to make it happen.


Free Help and Technical Support anytime. Call now  603 - 435 7199. WE WELCOME YOUR CALL! MOST PRODUCTS MENTIONED ON THIS SITE CAN BE ORDERED AT THIS NUMBER TOO.


 Rather Email your questions? Use the Professor E . Poxy link below and expect a prompt response.


ALUTHANE  -  aluminum MCU (moisture cured urethane) super coating

Paul, (11/15),

Just wanted to let you know how well Aluthane works as a coating for a boat anchor. We have a 41 foot DeFever trawler with a 55# SuperMax anchor that dates to the late 1990s when they were first produced. Over the years and a lot of anchoring in various types of bottoms, the galvanized coating on the anchor had deteriorated to being almost non-existent and the underlying steel was starting to rust lightly. It's almost impossible around here (east coast of Florida) to get anything regalvanized, so looked for alternatives.

Aluthane jumped out at me as a good choice for a test. Before we

departed on our latest 4500 mile cruise from Florida to Maine and return, I "painted" the SuperMax with two coats of Aluthane after brushing off all the rust I could and coating it with Ospho prior to the application of Aluthane.

Five months, lots of rain and ocean spray, and 51 nights at anchor in various types of bottoms from sand and gravel and rock to mud, the Aluthane had worn off at only the very tips of the anchor (the area that digs into the bottom) and exposed the underlying steel. The vast majority of the surface area of the anchor was still being protected by the Aluthane.

I just finished adding two more coats and it looks great!


BUY ALUTHANE ON-LINE (non-epoxy section)   ----  OR CALL TO TALK OR BUY 603-435-7199


Massive Epoxy Educational Links site

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More Q&A help

Old Goat FAQ  marine site  - marine epoxies

Old Goat FAQ home site  - floor epoxies


Horror Stories Using Internet Budget Epoxies

BACKGROUND: There are two types of epoxy vendors. The 'serious' professional grade epoxies  are formulated by beginning with  the raw resins manufactured by the giant chemical companies. Call these companies EPOXY FORMULATORS.  Generally the low price epoxy vendors merely repackage these raw bulk resins. Not a good thing!  Call these companies EPOXY REPACKAGERS. It is the difference between Moonshine and Jack Daniels. Going cheap can have very $$$ consequences. See Below:

EXAMPLE 1:  A commercial epoxy pour contractor recently used professional grade Bio Clear 810 pour on  epoxy to replace a badly yellowed epoxy covered logo in the INSIDE  floor of regional airport terminal with our 'almost no yellowing' Bio Clear 810 (cyclo-aliphatic epoxies to the rescue!) We don't know for certain that the original contractor used some inexpensive REPACKAGER'S epoxy, but it certainly sounds like it.

EXAMPLE 2: I recently got a phone call from someone using epoxy to seal wooden tables they were selling. They were using 'cheap' epoxy from a  REPACKAGER (uxcoxxxxxxxs). After six months the epoxy on the tables all exhibited millions of tiny cracks (like shattered safety glass). This wouldn't have happened with a specially formulated epoxy designed to overcome the 'flaws' of the raw resins. Bad news for them.

EXAMPLE 3: Another phone caller told me how they had ordered over a hundred gallons of epoxy in two separate orders from a low cost REPACKAGER (bxxxbxxxxxxxxxy). The first batch worked fine but the second batch failed completely. The vendor knew it was their fault (bad batch? wrong barrel to jug pour out?) and refunded their money. But that didn't undo the damage done.


 Wet Dry 700 Epoxy

Ultimate Repair Epoxy Paste

Above and below the Waterline

Like Nothing You Have Ever Worked With Before!

Need to fix, glue, patch, fill, bond, coat or cover something underwater? Need to reinforce/wrap corroded, damaged or leaking pipes (with epoxy and fiberglass cloth)? Need to do a fiberglass cloth and epoxy repair with a non sagging epoxy paste? (even underwater?). How about sealing electrical connections in a ‘glob’ of waterproof epoxy? Patching some wood rot? One of our customers repaired serious rot in an 100 year old marine railway submerged under 12 feet of water.

Wet Dry 700 has saved sinking boats (and sunk boats - read Escape From Hermit Island available at Amazon.com. The authors recommend you don’t leave your dock without this epoxy - see epoxyproducts.com/cs_boat.html). It is also used on leaking pools and corroding barge mounted floating homes.

Welcome to the world of Wet Dry 700 (tm) Epoxy

Wet Dry 700 (tm) epoxy paste is a leading example of consumer driven epoxy technology, resulting in a versatile, field friendly repair product for difficult environments. Wet Dry is a solvent free, high performance epoxy reinforced with kevlar (tm) pulp and feldspar/ceramic. It can be applied to wet, damp, or dry surfaces.

Wet Dry 700 looks a bit like joint compound (dry wall mud), or cake icing with a simple 1 to 1 mix ratio that you can ‘eyeball’. A scoop of Part A and an equal scoop of Part B and you are ready to go.

This is one of our top selling epoxies. People first buy it for a specific project and then generally buy more just to have on hand.

"I cannot believe how incredible this Wet Dry 700 is. It's revolutionary. The original repair to my storm shelter would have lasted years if the shelter would just shifting around in the ground. DON'T STOP SELLING THIS STUFF!"  Jeff 1/2013

Order this EPOXY product NOW

(10/2013)     Comments: Returning  -  Underwater repair

"My third or fourth order and am still quite pleased with the result. It has many uses above and below the water line"

Another Amazing ProductALUTHANE aluminum Moisture Cured Urethane Coating - corrosion fighting, heat reflecting, temperature resistant sealer, primer, top coat. Use on wood, metal, fiberglass, cement. READ MORE


Amazing Products - Amazing Support 

(see our home page CLICK HERE)

data sheets and msds and SDS sheets at epoxyproducts.com/datamsds.html


bella epoxy guru

Bella - "Guru Two" in Training - The Next Generation

marine epoxy test project

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Concrete Sealing in a Nutshell

There are 3 kinds of concrete sealers

1) inexpensive products that contain wax or paraffin dissolved in a solvent. Easy and cheap, but if you use these you will ever be able to coat the surface with any kind of paint or epoxy (you cannot paint on wax!). You cannot remove with solvents, which will just move the wax around. Use this kind of sealer and you are locked out of doing anything else forever.

2) Liquid sealers that are like paint and sit on the surface you are coating. No way you be be certain these will not peel or chip off and they may prevent you from top coating them with other products.

3) Internal concrete sealers, like our Bio Vee Seal. Bio Vee soaks into the exposed concrete and forms crystals within the concrete itself. It leaves nothing (except perhaps some tiny white crystals) on the surface. There is nothing to peel or chip and it leaves the surface as it was, allowing you full options to top coat with any product.

Useful links: Bio Vee ---  Concrete Sealers  ---   Industry article on sealing  ---  basement leaks/sealing  ---  Floor coating links

or call 24/7 for help or to order - 603 435 - 7199






underwater epoxy

"Protecting surfaces under the

water sounds challenging, but

Paul Oman reveals the secrets

of third generation epoxy paints

that can be used and

applied underwater."


Asia/Pacific Coatings Journal

April 2004

uderwater epoxy paint

Read this underwater epoxy article 



A Case Study Using Progressive Epoxy Polymer's  Underwater Epoxy - an early version of our WET DRY 700 Underwater Epoxy (BUY NOW).

 Underwater epoxy for Emergency hull repair - sinking yacht Case Study - now  in book form:


underwater epoxy


Two Part Epoxy Product Groups:

(EVERYTHING-EPOXY.INFO  ---  Intro to basic epoxy resin types by Paul Oman )




metallic paint boat 2

Aluminum boat restoration and sealing/leak stop

MCU aluthane

Dock Boat-lift restoration and repair


What is an MCU Coating? 

MCU stands for Moisture Cured Urethane and makes a very superior high performance  coating. These are a unique type of coating much better known in commercial industrial painting circles than within the general public market.  Most MCU coatings use tiny aluminum flake as pigment which gives them their classic silvery/gray color and enhances their remarkable properties.

MCU contain lots of solvents which aids in penetrating tiny cracks and crevices. The coating scavenges moisture from its contact surfaces and the air and undergoes an cross-linking molecular process which 'grips' or grabs onto surfaces for outstanding adhesion, even with poorly prepared surfaces. Removing internal surface moisture removes one of the key components necessary for rust development.

The resulting dry surface (aided by the stacking aluminum pigment platelets) provides a physical barrier to air and oxygen, another necessary component for rust to form.  The result is a thin, hard coating that seals our air, water, salts, minerals etc.  essentially encapsulating the surface  It therefore is one of the best, easy to apply, rust and corrosion control coatings.

Its amazing adhesion results in a versatile coating well suited for use on steel, aluminum, concrete, fiberglass, wood etc. It can be used as a primer/sealer, a middle coat or a exposed as a topcoat. The aluminum pigmented versions have no UV issues, can be applied at low temperatures and operate at temperatures of up to about 400 degrees F. Besides being used as a rust stopper is also has applications on  boats, roofing and flooring applications. In is used a lot in the industrial, automotive, marine and farm marketplaces. The AUTO RESTORATION market is one place these coatings are widely promoted within the 'DIY home' marketplace.  Learn more about Aluthane......








basic no blush (tm)


corro coat FC 2100; NSP 120; water gard 300; coal tar ; CM 15; crack coat™


fumed silica; microsphere/balloons; poly fibers; copper; graphite; Teflon (tm); wood flour; EZ thick; rock flour


Section B FLOOR EPOXIES (regular and non-skid products), SEALERS, ACCESSORIES

water bond (water based); solvent free industrial floor epoxy; bio vee seal; water based floor epoxy, floor epoxy with grit; walnut shell; ground white rubber grit


wet/dry 700; splash zone; quick fix 2300, QR 2400 rubber epoxy


wet/dry 700; splash zone A-788, quick fix 2300; QR 2400 (tm) rubber epoxy

Section Four TWO PART EPOXY PAINTS (barrier coats)

corro coat FC 2100; water gard 300; CM 15; EZ Spray; epoxy primer; crack coat™


low V epoxy; basic no blush; ESP 155; Bio-Clear 810

Section Five URETHANES AND NON-EPOXY COATINGS Aluthane (aluminum coating); LPU Marine


Aluthane moisture cured urethane; Acrylic Poly UV Plus and other 2 part polys ; Capt. Tolley's creeping crack sealer


walnut shell; ground white rubber



fumed silica; fiber fill; micro balloons/micro-spheres; graphite; Teflon (tm); copper powder; wood flour; EZ thick, rock flour


pipe wrap; fiberglass tape (cloth); Capt. Tolley's Creeping Crack Cure


short nap rollers; TA 661 (solvent free epoxy clean-up); 1 inch foam brushes; 2 inch bristle brushes; tongue depressors



One page summary/prices - marine catalog

One page summary/prices -DIY/HOME catalog



internet boat links page

internet floor links page

Internet DIY repair links page

Call (603-435-7199) or EMAIL with questions /phone orders etc. about what you're doing. We try to earn your business one phone call at a time!




stone wall mason

Buy a stone wall

New Egland stone mason for hire


 marine epoxy --  garage floor 2 part paints --  bar table top resins



By Paul Oman

1977 - revised 1985 - published Journal Irr. Results 9/88

Brown n' lumpy, in texture like glue;

I poured me-self into dat batcha stew.

It bubbled, it rumbled, it moaned on da fire,

and when nightfall came it still weren't through.

A witch's brew, whether thick oh thin,

'taint no match for da mixture dat bol'd within.

Da eyes of a froog, da legs of a newt,

'taint but nothin' 'pared to what I'd tossed in!

Dare was a pinch o' this, n' a 'hole lota that;

Why dat spicy concoction coulda kilt a grown rat!

Hey! But dat's how I's like it, so dat's how it's made,

n' anyone who'd be complainin', I'll knock dead oh flat!

My, dem fumes from dat stew pot were noxious n' vile,

strong nuf to be smelt fur prit-near a mile.

Well, long 'bout noon, twas done n' I knew it.

Why jist thinkin' 'bout dat stew - I cut a huge smile.

But fore I could taste it, Lord, n' explosion loud

surrounded dat stew pot with a mushroom shaped cloud.

High in da sky it rose up an' foamed

blottin' out even da Lord's own clouds!

A Critical Mass, you see, done foamed in ma pot,

when da whole bloodly mixture was a bubblin' hot.

So, "Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!"

"Cause I'm the one gonna cook up dis evenin's fare.





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